2D Concept Work

First step before we start modeling, printing or casting models, We need to provide us with a concept, if you don’t have one we can make one for you.

Our concept artist if needed will work by exploring ideas, styles, poses and much more. Based on your description or design. We usually provide two rouge sketches.

How does it work?

As character design expertsfor games and miniatures, our team will work with you to develop the perfect character concept that represents your requirements. The service is not FREE. Will require an upfront partial payment to start. It will be deducted from the final price if you decide to reach production. Usually based on concept complexity this will cost between 30$ to 100$ to do.

Custom 3D Modeling

Based on 2D concepts our artists can produce a wide variety of models for different requirements. We will deliver a 3D models in both STL or OBJ format, other formats available upon request.

3D modelling price will be based on the model complexity, and can range from 250$ to 1000$.