Kickstarter will start the 6th of March at 21:00 CST

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In the past decade I have successfully supported and assisted many miniature companies with their projects. I worked covering all areas and aspects of the production from design to manufacturing, going from metal to resin and also plastic production. Now I want to create my own line of figurines and asking for your help to make it possible. This project will start with 10 figures and hopefully will expand to more.



Our product will match or exceed any other manufacturer in the market.


Our designs are unique and original from the concept to the actual model.


We will do our best to assist and support our customers with our products.


Most of our orders are shipped using DHL or FedEx with online tracking.


Amazing Kickstarter

12 Days to go and 1440% funded KICKSTARTER PAGE It has been a big surprise, the KS funded in 24 minutes and has raised 537 backers and 1440% funding in 9 days. I have made a tough decision to stop releasing models, of course this is not a wise business decision and it will lower…

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Funded in 24mins and reaching 850% in 2 days not bad

Funded in the first 24 minutes The Kickstarter is going much faster and stronger than expected, can’t complain 🙂 but is  hard to keep up. The plan is to have only 23 models done, maybe 25 but need to look into it. Yes could be greedy and make many more and probably raise more funds, but…

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Lady of Destiny is here

Lady of Destiny Latest Heresy Girl line addition She is ready, as we approach the Kickstarter we are working even harder to complete the remaining 4 models. Next in line will be the Assassin. Followed by a new more conventional female Commissar and a KS exclusive model. In the meanwhile we are working on a few…

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